Retail Locations

The word is spreading, and Hope Seeds is becoming more and more popular with growers and gardeners across the continent.  Demand for our unique and excellent selection of garden seeds is increasing rapidly, and we just can't keep it all to ourselves!  Hope Seeds is happy to offer the opportunity to you to have our products in your store, garden centre or farm market stall.

How does it work?  Hope Seeds has gorgeous custom-made wooden display cases (made by Fallsbrook Woodworking) that hold 30 different varieties of seeds. You can either purchase the stand from us or we'll work with you to determine a suitable display for your business. We fill the stand with our retail Top 30 -- a collection of about 20 vegetable, 5 herb, and 5 flower varieties. You get a wholesale discount off the retail price per pack.  As you go through the season (generally February to June), you can restock your big sellers, or switch varieties to accommodate your customer choices. At the end of the season (by June 31) you have the option to return up to half of your seed order for a full credit to your account. Essentially, this means you commit to purchasing 50% of the seeds up front.

Thinking about it?  Don't hesitate to contact us today with any questions or ideas!  We're interested in working with YOU.


For a list of our current retail locations, click here.