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Companion Planting Guide   back to the top
Take a look at a handy companion planting guide here




Growing Instructions back to the top
Click on each link below to download a PDF file about the topic. (You can also find a bit of information under the seed categories and product descriptions on the left side panel.)

How to Grow Pea Shoots

How to Plant and Grow Great Garlic

How to Grow Milkweed from Seed

How to Grow New Zealand Spinach

Starting Onions from Seed

Vegetable Planting Handouts (Great for kids!):

- Blue Jay Beans

- Black Turtle Bush/Dry Beans

- Cocozelle Zucchini

- Dragon Tongue Bush/Snap Beans

- Mennonite Purple Stripe Beans

- Green Arrow Shelling Peas

- Mideast Prolific Cucumber

- Spaghetti Squash

- Super Sugar Snap Peas

Planting Tips for What to Start When!


Handy Planting Chart   back to the top

Missing the handy planting chart from our 2016 catalogue? We couldn't fit it in this year but you can download it here.






Organic Certification   back to the top

   Click here for a downloadable copy 

   of our most recent Organic certificate.




We also support the Safe Seed Initiative. For more details, please see the Council for Responsible Genetics website


Hope Seeds Frequently Asked Questions  
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     Why should I choose organic seed?
There are many reasons to choose organic seed, here's what Andrea has to say about it (click to download the PDF)

     Where can I find out more Information about Hope Seeds ordering policies?
Please see our    Ordering Information   and our  Webstore Privacy Policy 

     What does it take to produce seed commercially? 
Click on the image below to find out.



     How long will my seeds last? 
Seed longevity depends on the type and variety of seed, the quality of the seed and how you store it.... Click here to learn more.

     Paper vs. Plastic - What's in a bag? 
A little explanation on why we pack our seeds the way we do.

Seed Glossary   back to the top
Determinant? Indeterminant? Open-Pollinated? Heritage? Heirloom? What does it all mean? Check out the Hope Seeds Glossary -- coming soon!

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Articles, Notes, & News back to the top

Seeds provide hope in grey winters: Real Dirt
by Sonia Day - The Toronto Star, February 17, 2017: 

Thoughts languish to spring with Hope Seeds
by Lynn Moar - The Chronicle Herald's Valley Harvester, February 2015:

Backyard Gardener: Heirloom plants offer beauty in many ways
by Patti Sharpe - Truror Daily News, January 21st, 2015:

Saving Seeds: Atlantic Canada's first regional seed bank finds its home at the Faculty of Agriculture
by Robyn McCallum - Dal News, October 21st, 2014:

Networking from the ground up: Belleisle’s Hope Seeds preserve the past and ensure the future

by Heather Killen -  Nova News/Annapolis Spectator, April 24th, 2012:

The Hope Seeds Catalogue has arrived!
by Niki Jabour - The Year Round Veggie Gardener, January 31st, 2012:

Hope Seeds (tour)
by Dan Brisebois - Going to Seed, November 25th, 2010:

On-Farm Seed Production
from The Maine Organic Farmer & Gardener, Spring 2009