Tomato - Quebec 5 | Organic | *Sold out for 2019*

*Sold out for 2019*

3421-LO  Solanum lycopersicum

(Indeterminate. 60 days.)

Quebec 5 gets Hope Seeds’ tomato-of-the-year award for 2007! Lovely, smooth, and firm red fruits are about 3"-4" across, with a wonderful fresh and vibrant flavour. I used these for canning, fresh eating, and on almost every burger from August on.

30-60 seeds/0.2g

Grown by Tim Livingstone of Strawberry Hill Farm in Pembroke, NB.

Tomato - Quebec 5 | Organic | *Sold out for 2019*

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1:12 PM March 26th 2017
quebec 5 tomatoe
by steve
I live in southeast new Brunswick, usually have a short, damp and cool nights in summer, been experimenting with many tomatoe varieties for the past 20 years, last year I tried the Quebec 5. best one yet, for this area.they produce many tomatoes at medium size and even ripened faster than the early girl varieties.
7:09 PM June 16th 2011
Very happy
by Dorine
I just want to say that this year has been terrible for me with my tomato plants. I planted from seed; Quebec 5, Cosmonaut Volkov and Cherokee Purple. Quebec 5 has been the star. Healthy and buds on each one. The others I've had to plant 3 times and they are just surviving and that's all. Last year it was the Cosmonaut Volkov that did the best. I had the blight and they were the only ones that hung in there. I love all three of them so I'm hoping they will still come along for this year.