Tomato, Beefsteak - Cosmonaut Volkov

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3416-LG   Solanum lycopersicum

(Semi-determinate. 68 days.)

The first choice from our 2009 trials for taste and early ripening! An old Ukrainian tomato, renamed in 1971 for the Russian cosmonaut who died on a mission in out-er space. He must have been quite the guy, as this is quite the tomato. Large, slightly flattened, red, beefsteak-type fruits with yellow shoulders. Rich flavour that excelled in our less-than-perfect 2009 growing season.

30-60 seeds/0.2g

Grown by Michelle Smith of North Wind Farm in Cape Breton.

Tomato, Beefsteak - Cosmonaut Volkov

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11:30 AM September 8th 2016
Volkov success!
by Flora Doehler, Bear River
I grew 7 varieties of tomatoes this year and the tastiest by far are these.
I will be growing them again, for sure.
Thanks Hope Seeds!
8:01 PM November 6th 2011
What a guy!
by Melanie Baltzer
With the wet awful weather we had this year, it still performed great. Very tasty. Highly recommended!!
7:42 PM June 28th 2011
by Dorine
Hi, just wanted to comment on the Cherokee Purple which I love. It has been an absolute flop this year for me so far. I've planted 3 times from seed and only have 2 plants that are doing anything and are way behind the Quebec 5 that are doing great this year. Is it the weather? Is anyone else having trouble with tomatoes?
11:47 AM August 30th 2010
by Dorine Wrangell
This is the first year I have grown this variety and I have to say that in spite of an early blight they are some of the biggest and tastiest tomatoes I've ever had. Definitely a winner in our household this year.