Bean - Bush - Red Swan | Organic | *NOT AVAILABLE THIS YEAR*

*Not Available Since 2018*

1020-CO Phaseolus vulgaris

(Bush—RED: SNAP, DRY) 58 days to snap stage.

Add a little colour to your fresh bean salads this summer! Red Swan is a cross, by breeder Alan Lobitz, between a pinto and purple snap. This gives us tasty, stringless, 5" pods of vibrant red.

Not traditionally used as a dry bean; however, in a blind taste test, Red Swan proved to be a fabulous-tasting snacking bean. Dry the beans down and remove from the shell; soak over night; bring to a boil; simmer until soft; drain out the water; and pop those beans into your mouth. Who knew?

The second picture at right shows the dried bean after soaking.

~75 seeds/25g


Bean - Bush - Red Swan | Organic | *NOT AVAILABLE THIS YEAR*
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