Pumpkin - Winter Luxury Pie

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2903-CO  Cucurbita pepo

80 days from transplant. I saw WLP in Amy Goldman’s “The Compleat Squash” book and had to try it. In the 2009 trials, I was convinced this was “the one”! Its 3-5 lb, round orange fruits have thick flesh and slightly netted skin, giv-ing them a silvery twinkle in the field. An amazing stem (quite the handle), sweet flavour, and velvety texture make one wonder why this isn’t the vari-ety from which every pumpkin pie is born. Re-leased in 1893 by Johnson & Stokes of Philadelphia; selected and re-introduced in 1917 by the Gill Brothers Seed Company.

~18 seeds/3g


Pumpkin - Winter Luxury Pie

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