Pumpkin - Winter Luxury Pie | Organic |

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2903-CO  Cucurbita pepo

80 days from transplant. I saw WLP in Amy Goldman’s “The Compleat Squash” book and had to try it. In the 2009 trials, I was convinced this was “the one”! Its 3-5 lb, round orange fruits have thick flesh and slightly netted skin, giving them a silvery twinkle in the field. An amazing stem (quite the handle), sweet flavour, and velvety texture make one wonder why this isn’t the variety from which every pumpkin pie is born. Released in 1893 by Johnson & Stokes of Philadelphia; selected and re-introduced in 1917 by the Gill Brothers Seed Company.

~18 seeds/3g


Pumpkin - Winter Luxury Pie | Organic |

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