Lettuce - Red Leaf - Dark Lolla Rossa

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2407-LO Latuca sativa

(Red leaf) 30 days baby, 55 full size.

Chefs love the colour splash that Dark Lolla Rossa adds to their creations. Burgundy-red leaves are green toward the centre and curly, adding great bounce to salads.

~400 seeds/0.5g


Lettuce - Red Leaf - Dark Lolla Rossa
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2411-LG Latuca sativa (Red Oakleaf) 30 days. A fast-growing red oak that makes for lovely contrast in a cut-and-come-again salad bed. ~400 seeds/0.5gLOCALLY-GROWNGrown by Steph Warr of Twisted Brook Farm in Lawrencetown, NS.

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2413-LG Latuca sativa (Red Leaf) 50 days. Smooth, deep, dark red lettuce, fantastic in a salad for its striking contrast. A stabilized off-type from a plot of revolution Lolla Rossa lettuce several years back has resulted in this super variety we love to have in the mix. ~400 seeds/0.5gLOCALLY-GROWNGrown by Steph Warr of Twisted Brook Farm ... more details

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2403-CO Latuca sativa (Green leaf) 28 days baby, 45 days full size. Quickly matures into a green, frilly leaved head. Tolerates heat and sun, making this a good choice for summer-long planting. ~ 400 seeds/0.5g CERTIFIED ORGANIC

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2405-CO Latuca sativa (Oakleaf) 28 days baby, 50 days full size. Deeply lobed, green, upright, oak leaf-shaped leaves. An AAS winner in 1952 and still a strong contender today. No bitterness in heat. ~400 seeds/g  CERTIFIED ORGANIC

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2408-CO Latuca sativa (Red leaf) 55 days full size. The slowest bolting red-leaf lettuce, with compact fringed heads. Leaves are tinged with red around the edges, while the core stays bright green. Stays sweet in summer heat. ~400 seeds/0.5g CERTIFIED ORGANIC


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