Lettuce - Buttercrunch - Pirat | Organic |

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2420-CO Latuca sativa

55 days. 

Hailing from the Bavarian Alps, Pirat has a similar texture and colouring as our favourite “Drunken Woman” lettuce. Large, loose heads with soft green hearts and handsome maroon tipped leaves. Grows well in heat yet also shows resistance to wet-garden diseases such as downy mildew. Descended from Merveille des Quatre Saisons.


Lettuce - Buttercrunch - Pirat | Organic |
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2417-CO Latuca sativa (Butterhead) 45 days. Soft, emerald green buttercrunch lettuce with superb cold-hardiness. Mildt asting and tender. Good in salads or sandwiches. Great disease-resistance to downy mildew, tip burn and sclerotinia.


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