Corn - Painted Mountain

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1903-LG Zea maize

(Milling, flour, ornamental) 85-90 days dry.

We're sooo happy to share this Painted Mountain seed with you. The variety has been a long-time favourite of Hope Seeds, but when we saw the work that Lorna McMaster in PEI had done with this beauty, we were stunned. How do you make a beautiful corn so much more beautiful? Several years of selection and seed-saving passion. And possibly, a whole lot of love. Lorna has done wonders to the original variety bred by Dave Christensen. And remember, it had taken him about 36 years to come up with the hardiest, fastest-maturing grain corn in the world! 

Bred to handle the windy, cold, and drought conditions that this part of the world offers, Painted Mountain grows where no other corn will. Beautiful, 6"- to 7"-long, thin cobs express a rainbow of colours, making it not only an excellent milling/flour variety for those who make their own corn meal, tortillas, tacos polenta or flour, but also an excellent decorative variety.

Plant in blocks for best pollination. 

~100-105 seeds/30g

Image at right: Corn tortillas?! Brian and Lorna McMaster served up Painted Mountain at the Charlottetown Farmer's Market. "The cornerstone of our Local Lunch is our corn tortillas, which are unlike any tortillas you may have eaten in the past. We grow a special variety of corn called Painted Mountain, which is a multicolored, open pollinated, non-GMO corn that grows well on Prince Edward Island. The range of kernels give our tortillas their blue mosaic color, and whole grain texture."

Grown by Lorna McMaster of Pembroke Farm in PEI.


(Concassage/farine/ornemental) sèche en 85 à 90 jours. Le phyto-généticien Dave Christensen a pris 36 ans pour développer le grain de blé d’Inde le plus rustique et rapidement mature au monde, mais selon moi ça en a valu la peine! Développé pour résister aux conditions venteuses, froides et de sécheresse que ce petit coin du monde nous apporte, la «Painted Mountain» pousse là ou aucun autre blé d’Inde ne l’ose.  De superbes rafles d’une longueur d’entre 6 et 7 pouces s’étende dans une panoplie de couleurs, ce qui fait en sorte que la «Painted Mountain» est non seulement propice pour le concassage et la farine pour ceux et celles qui produisent leur propre farine ou semoule de maïs, mais également en tant que variété décorative.

Corn - Painted Mountain
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