Carrot - Chantenay Red Cored

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1503-CO Daucus carota

60-75 days.

An old variety that came to this continent in late 1800's, although popularized around 1929. Suitable for growing on heavier soils. Roots have wide shoulders, deep red-orange colour, and the sweetest flavour of all the chantenay types.

THE choice for a storage carrot - still crispy and surprizingly flavourful after months in the root cellar. Why? Shannon Herbert of Speckled Hen Heritage Garden swears by the core. "Modern hybrids have eliminated the core as an attempt at making more tender roots, but it makes them wimpy keepers".

~750 seeds/g

60-75 jours. Une ancienne variété qui est arrivé au continent à la fin des années 1800s et est devenue populaire autour de 1929.  Convient à la croissance en sols lourds.  Les racines ont de larges épaules rouge-orange foncé ainsi qu’une saveur des plus sucrée de tous les types «chantenay».

Carrot - Chantenay Red Cored
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