Bean - Bush - Caribee *Sorry, Sold out for 2019*

*Sorry, Sold out for 2019*

1025-LO Phaseolus vulgaris

(Bush—DRY) 90-100 days to dry stage.

The Acadians in the area of Botsford, NB have grown this old sulphur bean for well over 100 years. Theodore Duguay of Cap-Pelé, NB obtained the original seed for this stock from a 90-year-old woman whose father was a farmer in Great Shemogue. The Mi'kmaq name for Shemogue is Simooaquick. The bean is also called Caribbean, but Acadians referred to it as Caribee (related to the French word for Caribbean, caraïbe). Mr. Duguay believes this bean is similar to China Yellow from the New England states, but says he has witnessed the loss of the entire “eye” as he has grown this bean year after year.

Great for baked beans and veggie dip! Can be used in place of chickpeas, giving a similar texture and colour.

~30-40 seeds/25g

Bean - Bush - Caribee *Sorry, Sold out for 2019*
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