Bean - Bush - Yin-Yang/Orca/Calypso *Sold out for 2019*

*Sold out for 2019*

1010-LG Phaseolus vulgaris

(Bush—GREEN/PURPLE: SNAP, DRY) 90 days to dry.

Seeds re-semble the magnificent orca whale, with deep black and white markings. Plants are short and sturdy, yielding pods that are excellent, fresh snap bean. Or leave pods to mature and develop tasty baking beans. Rowena Hopkins of Amarosia Organic Garden in Grand Digue, NB claimed Yin-Yang's were among her CSA customer’s favourite snap bean! 

(The second image at right is the bean when cooked.)

~48 seeds/25g

(Nain – mange-tout/sec) 70 jours jusqu’au stade de sécheresse. Avec leurs marques blanches et noires encrée, les graines ressemblent  fortement au magnifique orque-épaulard.  Les plantes sont courtes et robustes, produisant des gousses qui sont prêtes à manger toutes fraiches, ou qui produiront de délicieux haricots de cuisson si on les laisse devenir matures.  Rowena Hopkins du «Jardin biologique Amarosia» à Grande-Digue, N-B maintient que le «Yin-Yang» est l’une des haricots mange-tout préférés de ses clients CSA («Community Shared Agriculture»)!

Grown by Tegan Wong-Daugherty of Buckwheat Flats in Knowslesville, NB.

Bean - Bush - Yin-Yang/Orca/Calypso *Sold out for 2019*
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11:39 AM April 28th 2012
by Sarah
We meant to save some of these beans, but they were too delicious as snap beans. Each bush produced more than I had anticipated - once they get going, they take off!
7:42 AM September 5th 2010
Halifax gardener
by Jane
Sept 5, 2010 Just finished shelling & weighing. 25gm grew to 446gm = .98 pound. Great yielding beautiful bean. Resistant to bacterial blight on neighboring beans. Can't wait to taste them.