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It’s easy to have greens all year round by growing pea shoots!

(14 days) Kinda like alfalfa sprouts, but these guys are grown in trays of soil, and young growth is cut just above the soil line within just 10-14 days of planting. Bright green colour (full o’ vitamins), crisp juicy texture, and mouthwatering fresh pea flavour will make your yearning for Spring melt by the mid-Winter fire. Top your sandwiches, spruce up salads, pep up pasta, anything goes! Gourmet chefs LOVE these—great way to keep restaurant clients happy year round.

Easy as...Day 1: soak peas overnight Day 2: plant peas in tray of soil, water lightly, cover with empty tray Day 5: remove empty tray and expose to light, water lightly as needed Day 10-14: harvest shoots and enjoy! 

115g of dry peas fills half an open seed-ling tray and yields approx. 150g of shoots.

For detailed instructions with pictures, click here.

A nice little write-up from one of our customers:

Grown by Mark & Sally Bernard of Barnyard Organics in Summerside, PEI.

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Pea Shoots | Organic |
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