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2814-LO Capsicum annuum

(Hot) 55 days to green, 85 days to red from transplant.

Want a winning pot o’ chili to warm your bones on those frosty fall days? Rocket grows prolific, 5"-long, thin peppers ripening to fire-engine red. Dry for easy storage by drawing fishing line through the tops and hanging in an airy place. Pretty and pretty darn hot! 

Hot Pepper - Red Rocket | Organic |
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5:47 PM June 16th 2017
So excited!
by Steavi
Our peppers are doing so well! I am so excited to harvest these Red Rockets!

I am having trouble locating information on the Scoville heat unit of the peppers though.

I love spicy! And am looking into recipes already, I'd like to anticipate just how spicy :)