Bean - Pole - True Red Cranberry | Organic | *NOT AVAILABLE THIS YEAR*

*Not Available Since 2018*


Pole, dry

105 days to dry stage. This bean is the real beauty queen, and sells on looks alone! Deep red, round beans about the size of a...well, cranberry (!), are the fruits of your labours. Vines are vigorous but manageable at 7-10’ long, producing purple blossoms and green pods. Seed advertisements in an 1808 edition of the early Fredericton, NB newspaper, The York Gazette, include Cranberry beans, but sources show it has been around since at least the 1700’s. Believed to be an original type grown by Native peoples.  

True Red Cranberry is listed on Slow Food’s Ark of Taste.

~44 seeds/25g

Grown by la ferme coopérative Tourne-Sol in Les Cèdres, QC.

Bean - Pole - True Red Cranberry | Organic | *NOT AVAILABLE THIS YEAR*

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11:44 AM October 11th 2010
Halifax gardener
by Jane
Most beautiful & productive beans. The 25gm package yielded 765gm = 1.7 lb! 30x weight of seeds planted. Grown on both sides of a 6' support netting and only about 4'6" of our bean bed. Look like they'll be good for soups, baking & maybe Mexican dishes this winter.