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2904-LO  Cucurbita pepo

80 days from transplant. 

Naked seeded. The legend of Lady Godiva (1040-1080) states this noblewoman rode naked through the town of Coventry, England so that her husband  would repeal his heavy taxation on the peasants under his rule. Now, that gal had moxie! The pumpkin version of Lady Godiva bears naked seeds, meaning the tough outer husk on the seeds does not develop. Perfect for those folks who love their roasted pumpkin seeds. 

~15 seeds/3g

Grown by Greta Kryger of Greta's Organic Gardens in Ottawa, ON as part of our first Eastern Canadian Organic Seed Growers Network (ECOSGN) group grow-out project with Hope Seeds and Hawthorn Farm in Palmerston, ON.

Pumpkin - Lady Godiva | Organic |
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7:59 AM February 5th 2014
by Donna M Smith
I grew Lady Godiva in 2013 and got 4 medium sized fruits which I stored in my cool cellar until the end of January when some - but not all - started getting soft spots. I cut them open and harvested the seeds - quite easy to do by hand if you don't mind slimy. I got about one cup of seeds from each fruit. I roasted them with a little salt and oil and they are delicious - much tastier than store bought pumpkin seeds. I fed the pumpkin flesh to my cow and chickens.