Bean - Bush - Blue Jay *Sold out for 2019*

*Sold out for 2019*

1007-LG  Phaseolus vulgaris

(Bush—GREEN/PURPLE: SNAP, DRY) 55 days for snap bean; 95 days to dry stage.

A very rare variety that has been replenished and restored through the dedicated work of Bob Wildfong as part of a project of Seeds of Diversity Canada and Everdale Environmental Learning Centre. After many years, Bob finally had enough of Blue Jay to offer quantity and get these beauties to you. The variety was developed by Russ Crow, a gardener and bean collector in Illinois who found a cross in his Comtesse de Chambord green poded snap beans in the late 70s. Comtesse de Chambord dates back to early 19th Century France.

For more on the story of the blue jay bean, see A Bean Collector's Window.

For a planting handout (great for kids!), see How to Plant Blue Jay Beans.

Quick to snaps, very productive, and excellent flavour. Seed is uniquely coloured: navy blue with beige markings (hence the name "blue jay"), 7 per pod on average. Bean pods are mostly green with some purple colouring.

~55 seeds/25g

Grown by Peter Gerber and family of Community Produce in Richmond Corner, NB

GEAI BLEU (Nain – mange-tout, sec)   55/95 jours jusqu’au stade de sécheresse.  Une variété très rare qui a été réapprovisionné et restauré grâce aux efforts de Bob Wildfong à travers un projet de Semences du patrimoine Canada et le «Everdale Environmental Learning Centre». Après de nombreuses années, Bob a enfin recueillis assez de ces petites perles pour pouvoir les offrir en grand nombre. Passe rapidement au stade mange-tout, très productif avec une saveur excellente.  La graine est d’une coloration unique : bleu marin avec des marques beiges, une moyenne de 7 par gousse. 

Bean - Bush - Blue Jay *Sold out for 2019*
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