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2207-CO Brassica napus pabularia

25 days baby leaves, 55 days mature.

Siberian is prized for its tenderness and winter-hardiness. White stems with blue-ish green ruffled leaves. Very mild cabbage-flavour. An excellent addition to lettuce or mixed green salads, especially for those who don't really like kale! 

Brassica napus is thought to have originated from a chance hybridization between Brassica rapa and Brassica oleracea during the Middle Ages. Napus kales are the hardiest of any kales and can survive very cold winter temperatures. This Siberian kale also seems to tolerate summer heat fairly well.

Seed savers tip: Unlike most kale varieties, Siberian is an annual and seed can be saved in the same growing season.


Kale - Siberian | Organic |
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