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3411-CO  Solanum lycopersicum

(Indeterminate. 85 days.)

I had lost my faith in Amish Paste, but it ripened at the last second and ended up being the best canner in 2008. Not too juicy, not too seedy—good for lazy sauce-makers like me, who can’t be bothered to take out the seeds! Fruits are red, oval-shaped, and range in size from 2" to 5" in diameter. Of Amish origin; from Wisconsin.

30-60 seeds/0.2g

Tomato - Amish Paste | Organic |
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12:06 PM January 12th 2014
Owner/Bramble Corner Produce
by Rob Smith
Amish did very well for us and ripened well on the trellis (Aylesford, NS).....popular at our farm gate sales......fruit 3x the size of Roma.
I do hope seed is available for 2014 planting
3:42 PM December 30th 2012
by Cindy Boucher
The Amish Paste made the best salsa (fermented) & sauces yet! Will definitely grow this season. (Will agree, they didn't ripen, but taking them inside & putting them under newsprint solved that minor issue. We had very little waste at all.) :)