Beans - Bush - Gold Rush

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1040-LG Phaseolus vulgaris

(Bush—YELLOW SNAP) 55 days to snap stage.

Go for gold! Aptly named, these 5"-long, slender beans with green tips grow in a pot o’ gold cluster, making them easy to pick. Holds well pickled, fermented, or frozen.  

White seeded.

~120 seeds/25g

Grown by Peter Gerber and family of Community Produce in Richmond Corner, NB

Beans - Bush - Gold Rush
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1041-UT Phaseolus vulgaris (Bush—YELLOW SNAP) 55 days to snap stage. Crisp, lemon-yellow wax beans (without green tips) that don’t lose their colour when cooked. A stringless French variety producing 5" pencil-slim pods on dwarf plants ( 1.5' tall) with a good upright growing habit. ~113seeds/25g


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