Bean - Pole - Iannetti Slicer *NOT AVAILABLE THIS YEAR*

*Not Available Since 2018*


(Pole—Green/Slicing) 60 days slicer, 100 days dry.

The Iannetti family came from Britolli, Italy to Cape Breton in 1902 and couldn't leave this seed behind. Grown on a sturdy trellis, the slicing bean can also be eaten at the dry stage in soups and stews. Thanks to Francis Arsenault (of the Iannetti family) for sharing these with seed-saver, Michelle Smith who shared them with Hope Seeds! 

More on the bean's history: Antonio Iannetti and Juliette Constantine emigrated to Sydney Mines in 1902. Their daughter, Rosina "Rosie" Iannetti married John Francis Arsenault and gave birth to several children, including Francis Arsenault.

Some years ago, Michelle Smith found herself in an antique shop in Sydney Mines where, up against a wall, she saw a trellis of beans drying down. Michelle was not shy. "Can I have some of those beans?", she asked. And Francis said "let me ask my mother". Michelle has been growing the Iannetti beans out at her farm near Inverness in Cape Breton ever since. Francis' mother, Rosie, passed away in 2014 but her family's beans continue to be grown and shared. 

~35 seeds/25g

Grown by Michelle Smith of North Wind Farm in Cape Breton.

Bean - Pole - Iannetti Slicer *NOT AVAILABLE THIS YEAR*
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