Journal - Gardener's Multi-year Logbook

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Gardener's Journal / Multi-year Logbook $41.50


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My Garden - A personal logbook

This special, hand-bound limited edition contains...

A Garden Journal to keep track of all your plants.

"Things To Do" List to help you remember "out of season" tasks like pruning, transplanting or dividing perennials

A Seed Inventory

A Chart for Frost Dates so you can establish a few reference values.

A Birdlog to identify and remember your visitors.

A Troubleshooting List No garden is problem free!

...and lots of extra pages for Notes and Garden Layouts.

Plus practical tips in each section!

The sturdy wire binding on the inside guarantees that every page from first to last to opens flat for easy writing.

Designed to last for up to ten years. 180 pages.

Made by Calendula Publishing.
Illustrations by Shirley MacKinley.
Hand-bound by:  The Artist's Bindery, Nova Scotia
It's one of a kind! 

Journal - Gardener's Multi-year Logbook
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