Beet - Golden Grex

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1104-UT Beta vulgaris

(Tops, roots) 55 days roots.

Three cheers for the return of Golden Grex! Thanks to the hard work of Krista Peyton and Eric Antolick, this baby is back. Krista grew out the original Hope Seeds stock in 2016, selected and overwintered the stecklings and, the following year, Krista and Eric produced some marvelous seed from this biennial plant. 

Golden Grex is a gift to the wonderful, rooty world of beets from breeder Alan Kapular. Gorgeous, bright orange, tapered roots with creamy white interiors (some with concentric yellow/orange and white rings) exhibit sweet tender flavour from baby roots up to 4" across. Excellent tops for greens as well.

~50-60 seeds per gram

Thanks to Sarah Stewart and to Back Acre Farm for the photos!

Beet - Golden Grex
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