Multiplier Onion [FALL SHIPPING/PLANTING] *Sold out for 2019*

*Sold out for 2019**

Please note: We cannot ship multiplier onions outside of Canada.

8050-LG Allium cepa var. aggregatum

A treat for gardeners everywhere. This multiplier onion is the "potato onion", similar to a shallot but bulbs up larger and stores well (even better than large bulb onions). They are also more productive than shallots and have a stronger (but still sweet) flavour. 

Also called nest, hill or pregnant onions. Our strain of multiplier onion comes from Hungary and has been adapted to Nova Scotia growing conditions.

Grow these multipliers as a perennial by harvesting as you need from the 'nest' or replant in spring or fall as you would garlic. It's a good idea to rotate your multiplier patch every 4-5 years but otherwise these onions require very little care. We recommend mulching over winter as with garlic, especially in colder zones.

Read more about multiplier onions here: Let's Bring Back The Multiplier!

There are about 40 small bulbs / planting pieces in 1 lb. 

Small bulbs – sold for planting – are between 5-15 grams (think marble or ping pong ball size). Larger bulbs – kept for eating – are between 50-100 grams (slightly flattened tennis ball size).

Grown by Sacred Garden Farm in Clementsport, NS

Multiplier Onion [FALL SHIPPING/PLANTING] *Sold out for 2019*
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