Garlic - Rocambole - South Ohio *Sold out for 2019*

*Sold out for 2019*

Please note: We cannot ship garlic outside of Canada.

South Ohio  Allium ophioscorodon

Don't let the name confuse you. This garlic is not named after the southern part of the US state but rather our very own South Ohio in Yarmouth County, NS. Thanks to Niki and Ian for bringing this variety to Hope Seeds. A solid growing habit and many pink tinged spicy cloves, this garlic is definitely a keeper. One of the earliest for scapes.

Rocamboles have an average of 6-11 cloves per bulb, somewhat flattened bulb shapes, and brownish to red-purple clove skins that are easy to peel.

**SHIPS September for FALL PLANTING**

Garlic - Rocambole - South Ohio  *Sold out for 2019*
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