Perennial - Maltese Cross / Jerusalem Cross | Organic |

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6005-LO Lychnis chalcedonica

“Maltese” and “Jerusalem Cross” both refer to the arrangement of the petals into the shape of the cross adopted by the Knights of Malta or the Knights Hospitallers, a religious order founded about the time of the first Crusade (1096-1099).  This plant originates in Russia, but has been widely cultivated around the world, naturalizing in many places including North America.  A garden favourite in Europe since the mid-16th century.  A large, clump forming perennial with dark green leaves and clusters of 10-50 little scarlet flowers atop hairy stems 2-3’ tall.  Blooms from June to August, prefers full sun to part shade, not fussy about soil.  Requires adequate moisture or will brown prematurely.

Grown by Wild Rose Farm in Gilbert's Cove, NS.

Perennial - Maltese Cross / Jerusalem Cross | Organic |
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