Herbs - Black Cumin/Kalonji/Nigella Sativa | Organic |

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4017-LO Nigella sativa

(Edible seed. Annual. 110 days.)

Also known as “fennel flower.” A unique spice plant that has been cultivated in India for millennia and is a staple flavour in East Indian cuisine. The seed’s distinct peppery flavour is brought out by dry roasting prior to use. Small blue flowers turn to tiny dry seedpods. Pungent black seeds are used to flavour curries, bread, Indian naan and cheese. Black cumin is said to have immune-stimulating properties. Up to 40% of the dried seed weight is actually oil!



Grown by la ferme coopérative Tourne-Sol in Les Cèdres, QC.

Herbs - Black Cumin/Kalonji/Nigella Sativa | Organic |
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7:43 AM February 7th 2011
Black Nigella Seed
by Alison
When I visited Morocco two years ago, this was a natural medicine demonstrated at an apothecary shop. The gentleman put some seeds in a handkerchief, securely wrapped, and gave it a thump on the counter. He then passed the bundle around to be sniffed at as a natural remedy for a stuffy nose! I suffer from chronic allergies and it really did help my nose breathe more freely. Worry about bringing plant matter etc into the country prevented me from buying any to bring home but now that I see it offered here, I will try growing my own! Thanks for stocking this, Andrea.