Amaranth - Hopi Red Dye

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20-30 days. Will frost kill.

This amaranth is actually prized for its tender baby leaves -- use them to add a splash of magenta to your salad. Mature plants have deep red leaves and bright flowers, and collect nutritious black seed which the Hopi still use to make red corn bread.
~1,500 seeds

NEW FOR 2014!

Grown by la ferme coopérative Tourne-Sol in Les Cèdres, QC.

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Amaranth - Love Lies Bleeding
Amaranth - Love Lies Bleeding  $3.00

Amaranth is originally from South America, and traditionally used as a grain. It is making somewhat of a comeback in North America as both a grain and baby green, but Love Lies Bleeding is really grown as an ornamental. Plants are 3' tall, with 9-18" long velvety-red tassels. Another excellent dried flower. ~1500 seeds/gram

Amaranth - Hot Biscuits
Amaranth - Hot Biscuits  

SOLD OUT FOR 2012!Edible seeds and leaves. Amaranth with long, upright bright yellow-orange flowers surrounded by green leaves.  White seed can be eaten as a grain. ~1500 seeds/gram CERTIFIED ORGANIC & LOCALLY GROWNGrown by Dan Brisebois of Ferme de la co-operative Tourne-Sol in Les Cedres, QC.

Amaranth - Grain Mix *NOT AVAILABLE THIS YEAR!*
Amaranth - Grain Mix *NOT AVAILABLE THIS YEAR!*  

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