Sunflower - Mammoth Grey Stripe

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Edible seed. 120 days.

Our replacement for Giganteous, this is the big guy! Mammoth is a traditional sunflower, growing single heads on 6-12’ stalks—although we’re sure some of you out there will do better than that! Grey and black striped seeds on big heads, excellent variety to attract/feed birds and people. ~9 seeds/gram.


Sunflower - Mammoth Grey Stripe
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Sunflower -Teddy Bear
Sunflower -Teddy Bear  

SORRY - NOT AVAILABLE IN 2012!50-65 days. Cute enough to cuddle up with! Only 2' high, blooms are bright yellow 5" doubles. Excellent choice for containers and folks with limited garden space. Kids adore them —Teddy Bear is just their size.~40 seeds/gram

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