Herbs - Summer Savory

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4009-UT  Satureja hortensis

(Annual. 75 days)

Summer savory is a Maritime staple in poultry dressings and sausage blends! Milder and sweeter flavour than it’s perennial mate, winter savory. (The Bulgarian table will have three condiments: salt, paprika and savory; when these are mixed, it's called sharena sol [colorful salt]).

Easy to grow from seed. Plant outside after the last frost. Lightly cover seeds with soil in pots or in the garden. Allow about 15cm (6") between plants. A quick growing, low bushy plant (about 12" in height). Snip leaves off and use fresh. Keep cutting the stems before the plant goes to flower to extend it's life. Summer Savory won't survive winters in northern climates but you can enjoy that taste of summer by drying stems for winter use.

Herbs - Summer Savory
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