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4010-CO Petroselinum crispum

(Biennial. 70 days.)

The scientific name Petroselinum is from the Greek petros (a rock) and the Latin selinon (parsley) and crispum (finely wavy), Italian Parsley has smoother, darker green leaves and a stronger flavour than its curly cousin, “Moss Curled.” Likely native to the Mediterranean region, parsley was believed by the Greeks to presage death and soldiers avoided it. Eventually, it was used to honour the dead and woven into crowns for victorious athletes. It was still regarded with fear well into the Middle Ages, though; some believed it to be the Devil’s herb. It was the Romans’ chewing of parsley sprigs during feasts to freshen their breath that led to its modern use as a garnish. Parsley is a biennial, producing seed the second year and very slow to germinate, taking up to 3 weeks.

~500 seeds/g

Parsely is slow to germinate, be patient!

Herbs - Parsley - Italian Flat Leaf | Organic |
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