What would a garden, a summer, a barbequed burger, or winter stew be without tomatoes? The wonderful world of tomatoes opens right up when you start to include heritage varieties in your garden and kitchen. Lots of colours, shapes, tastes and textures add diversity to your food, and the stories behind many of these varieties below add food for thought.

Hope Seeds has both determinate (bush-habit, fruits tend to ripen all at once which is great for those who process or can a bunch at one time) and indeterminate (climbers, generally good in greenhouses when trained on strings, fruits ripening throughout the season) varieties. The former tend to respond well to less pruning (i.e. don't take out those suckers!) and don't necessarily need support, while the latter produce more fruits when suckers are trimmed out and really appreciate a cage or stake to keep them off the ground.

We offer early varieties, red slicing varieties, paste varieties for canning, salads or sauce, cherry varieties, and non-red varieties. Don't forget the tomatillo - the green cousin of the tomato that grows inside a papery-husk and is the main ingredient in salsa verde. There's the perfect tomato for everyone!