Summer squash, many called zucchini, are one of the easiest crops to grow. They don't take too long, you can direct seed them in the garden once warmer soil temps arrive, and good gravy - do they ever stop? They say that July and August are the only times in Carleton County when folks lock their car doors, because if you step into the store for just a second, you'll come back to find your back seat full of the buggers!

Hope Seeds offers a diverse selection of shapes and colours, good for stuffing and frying, marinating and grilling. Most are of the C. pepo family and like all squash are insect pollinated, so if you're planning to save for seed choose one variety this season, or separate by at least a 1/2 a kilometer.  

Beat the ravage feeding of the Striped Cucumber Beetle by covering seedlings with floating row cover (and avoid using that rotenone dust). Remember to take the cover off when flowers appear, so bees can do their work. At that point, plants will be far enough along that the beetle won't do much damage anyway.