One of the best-kept secrets about cauliflower is that it freezes really well for winter food storage. Just a little blanching of florets followed by a 5-min dunk in a cold-water bath, and you'll be enjoying cauliflower months down the road.

Kohlrabi is a unique cole crop, familiar to Eastern Europeans. The swollen stem looks like a baseball, although flavour is nothing like leather! Not the most popular cole crop, as it is kinda funny looking and people don't really know what to do with it. Don't be afraid of the wonderful world of kohlrabi! The swollen stem is the desired part, and is best with harvested at about 2-3" diameter (when larger it tends to get woody). Excellent raw as kohlrabi-sticks (like carrot sticks!) for dipping, grated into salads, or cubed into stews.

Start your plants or direct seed as you would with other cole crops, without hesitation in Spring frosty weather.