Canadian Orders Only. Fall seed garlic and multiplier onions are shipped in September (Maritime-grown garlic usually matures one to three weeks later than garlic grown in Southern ON, or in BC). Some varieties are suitable for Spring planting -- see our selection!

Hope Seeds is pleased to offer a great selection of Nova Scotia- and PEI- grown garlic varieties for fall planting this year. We welcome to the garlic stage, Suzana Herceg of Sacred Garden Farm in Clementsport, NS as well as some favourites from Al Picketts of Eureka Garlic in Kensington, PEI. While neither Eureka Garlic, nor Sacred Garden Farm have gone through the process of organic certification, each bulb has gone through expert hands and scrutinizing hearts. Al knows something about soil nutrients, finding the right mix of manure, mussel shells and mulch to make his “Music” (and other varieties) sing! Suzana has been working hard to bring back some of Hope Seeds' old favourites from original New Brunswick stock as well as a few new additions from South Ohio (Nova Scotia!) and Quebec.

All varieties available are hardneck types that send a central flowering stalk up through the leaves mid-spring, developing their bulbil capsules if left on the plant (most growers pick these flower stalks off to encourage larger bulb growth under-ground). Each type stores quite well and is hardy in our colder growing climates.

Want to know about growing garlic?
See our resource document: Hope_Seeds_Growing_Garlic.pdf

Want to know more about garlic scapes?
See our blog post here: The Great Scape

WHAT MAKES “SEED GARLIC”? Garlic is garlic, right? Can’t you just plant the stuff you get in the grocery store? Well, when you choose our Seed Garlic, you’re choosing garlic that has been:

- Screened by expert growers for signs of disease (e.g., fusarium, basal rot, white rot); don’t spread these crop killers!
- Sized for optimal growth performance when planted
- Reviewed for field performance over several years’ plantings and adapted to local growing conditions
- Grown for food and seed (some garlic found in grocery stores has been treated to prevent sprouting).