It's hard for Hope Seeds to imagine our kitchen garden without a patch of Jerusalem artichokes!  Super easy to grow, great yields of nutritious tubers, and excellent over-wintering and storage qualities.  Even makes a pretty (and sturdy...really sturdy) windbreak or natural privacy fence. Plants have deep green lancelolate foliage with 3" bright yellow, single sunflowers and can reach 10' in height. J-chokes are known for their high inulin content, which is a great thing for folks who have trouble controlling their blood sugar levels (i.e. diabetics).  A suitable substitute for other starchy foods, such as potatoes or pasta, which may cause people problems.


Originating in North America, this perennial relative of the sunflower has nothing to do with the holy city of Jerusalem.  The “Jerusalem" is likely a corruption of the Italian word girasole or sunflower and "artichoke" may be indicative of its similarity in taste to real artichokes, although not everyone would agree.  The North American natives wild-collected and cultivated these tubers extensively and ate them boiled, roasted, or sometimes raw.  The natives introduced them to early settlers and they were taken back to Europe around the 16th century where they were more popular than potatoes for quite some time.

GROWING INFO:  Tubers are cut into seed pieces (much like potatoes) and planted 18” apart in-row and between rows.  Shoots emerge within 10-14 days, and grow sunflower-style stalks between 4-7’ tall.  Mulch if you can for weed control, harvest tubers when frost hits the plants a couple times in fall, or better yet, let tubers overwinter in the ground and dig them after snow melts to go with your Spring-dug parsnips.  Plants do not need to flower for tuber set.  Keep in mind: JA's are a persistent perennial, and will want to spread.  Plant them in their own patch or in a corner of the garden where you can mow or till around them.


  • Earliest shipping dates will be end April/beginning May.  We dig our JA's in the Spring as soon as the ground thaws.  In zone 3B, that's around the middle of April depending on weather. 
  • Planting info will be included in every shipment.
  • Please be aware that Jerusalem artichokes (and seed potatoes) are subject to a shipping surcharge in addition to our regular shipping charges.  They're heavy, they're bulky...they're worth it!
  • Note to International Customers: You guessed it - we can't ship ’em!  Sorry, but Hope Seeds does not send potatoes, garlic or Jerusalem artichokes over the border.