Workshop Series: Gardening Organically!

Tuesday Mar 15 2016

Gardening Organically: Getting it Right from the Start!

WHAT? A workshop series for newly inspired or experienced gardeners wanting to get some basics or refresher information about how to garden organically.  Workshops are arranged topically, and cover main components of a season-in-the-life of an organic garden.  Each 3-hour session will include an introduction to the topic, detailed information and practical examples, focussed discussion with Q&A, and a hands-on application.

WHO? Workshops are designed to include beginner gardeners (i.e. never planted a seed before), experienced gardeners that are looking to learn more about an organic approach, and everyone in between.  Ages 10 and over. 

Workshop leader Andrea Berry is co-owner of Hope Seeds, a certified organic seed house in Annapolis Royal.  Andrea has over 15 years of gardening organically in Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, and has trained staff, interns and volunteers in her fields.  As an organic inspector, Andrea became well versed in the details of organic certification.  Presenting her knowledge and experience in organic gardening, Andrea has informed audiences throughout the Maritimes and New England.

WHY? Gardening and growing-your-own is becoming more and more popular, seen through the increase in community and school gardens, farm markets, local greenhouses, garden clubs and more.  The tools to grow your own garden are more accessible than ever, with countless books and websites advertising DIY greenhouses, raised-bed kits, preserving-the-harvest recipes, and the like.  But with all of these outlets, information can be overwhelming, discouraging even the most enthusiastic newbie from planting their first seed.  The Gardening Organically: Getting it Right from the Start! workshop series is designed to arrange and simplify the countless options for how to get growing.  It will transform inspiration into action, walking participants through how to start getting your gardening dreams down into the dirt.

WHEN? Workshops are from 1-4 pm Thursday afternoons starting March 24th.  Each topic will be timely, giving you important information and skills that match the progression of getting your garden started in Spring to resting in Winter. 

WHERE? Hope Seeds storefront at 324 St. George Street in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia.  Sessions are $25 per person and include resource material and refreshments.  Sign up for all six workshops and pay for only 5! Seating is limited to 10 people per session. Registration is required.

To register or for more details, please call 902-286-4673, or email

Starting Seeds Indoors - When, What and How to Plant – Thursday, March 24th

Soil and Compost – Organic Soils are Alive! – Thursday, March 31st

Garden Design – Raised Beds, Trellises, Tilling and More – Thursday, April 7th

Planting and Growing – Giving your Plants What they Need – Thursday, April 14th

Tools – Choosing, Using and Keeping Top-Notch Tools – Thursday, April 21st

Pests & Diseases – Managing with the Organic Approach – Thursday, April 28th


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9:26 PM April 23rd 2016
by Anne Hicks
It would be nice these worksops could be offered online.

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