Summer Update

Sunday Jul 26 2015

Brassicas for You, Me and the Bees!
One of the most wonderful things about growing seed crops is watching the garden burst open with thousands of precious yellow flowers early on in the season, providing a vast sea for foraging bees. This year, those yellow flowers were especially noticeable when not much else was blooming during our slow, cold and wet start to spring. Brassica is the genus of plants in the mustard family including cabbage, broccoli, kholrabi, oilseed and kale. It also includes many species of vegetables which you can easily imagine as descending from their wild ancestor. Think about the work that it took to select for green buds (Brussels sprouts), roots (turnips), seeds (mustards), leaves (kale), etc.!
Our kale seed crop is typically planted in late summer so the biennial plant overwinters and charges into full production once the snow melts and the ground warms a little. We plant different species of brassicas and stagger our plantings so there always seems to be something on the go for us to admire, harvest or leave for the bees and sun to do their thing.

Thanks for a Great Season . . .
This is the time of the year when most of our seed racks are folded up and our 2015 lots go into storage, awaiting germination tests in the fall and winter. Our retailers will be stocked with a fresh supply of seeds in the new year. While the summer stretches on, we're taking notes on varieties and growing conditions, compiling resources and trialing seeds for a new catalogue. If you have any feedback – whether about a seed currently in our catalogue, or one you would like to see us carry – we're always happy to hear about your suggestions, experience and ideas.

Office Closed in August
The Hope Seeds office in Annapolis Royal will be closed during the month of August. You are welcome to leave us a phone message or email or to place an through our webstore. We'll be responding to messages and filling orders during the week of the 25th of August.

Seeding Fall & Winter Crops & Garlic
As many growers realize, the gardening season never really ends, it just changes pace. Successional seeding of herbs such as cilantro and dill and vegetables such as peas, radishes, beets, carrots and greens ensure a continued harvest and a good supply of storage crops.
If you're looking for a little direction on what to plant in your fall garden, we have some tips here:;cat,219;Fall-Planting

And just a reminder that we are accepting orders for seed garlic. This year we have three Rocambole varieties and two Porcelain varieties to offer (all hardneck):;cat,163;Garlic

Have a great month and enjoy the fruits of your labour!

-The Hope Seeds Team


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