Potato Shipping Update

Tuesday Apr 28 2015

The first round of potatoes shipped this morning. We kept our lovely post office workers busy moving boxes and sticking postage stickers. Most of these orders are expected to arrive by Tuesday, May 5th. If you need a tracking number and haven't received one yet, just let us know. If you've ordered Jerusalem artichokes with your potatoes, the tubers will be sent out in the second round of shipping. 

For pick-up orders -- if you haven't already received a phone call, we're marking Thursday, April 30th as a full pick-up day and will be in the office from 9am-5pm. Come on by or give us a call to arrange another time.

Our Jerusalem artichoke patch is snow free and we're waiting on a bit more drying weather so we can harvest. It is later than usual this year, but we hope to have JA's shipped out during the first week of May. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Happy Spring!


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8:20 AM February 3rd 2016
by bart fawcett
I am enjoying your site very much . we plan to try to grow purple ( blue ) potatoes this year as many people want them and you are the first that have offering seed . we will order when we receive your catalogue . thank you

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