2015 Seed Selection

Wednesday Jan 14 2015

Our 2015 selection is now available!  Be sure to take a look at our new items for 2015, including a Hope Seed exclusive tomato, "Bernardo's Paste" (pictured here). We're also please to welcome back "Bushy" and "Tante Alice" cucumbers as well as GARLIC.

We begin shipping seeds February 2nd.
Any orders placed in January will be sent out on January 30th. Potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes are shipped April/May for spring planting. Garlic is shipped September/October for fall planting.

  Here's our News for the Season, from the inside cover of the catalogue:

     Dear fellow gardeners and seed lovers,

     Hope Seeds’ values, ever since founder Kim Edmondson sprouted the idea of a small seed company in 1994, have been: 1) a passion for seed saving; 2) a commitment to sustainable agriculture; 3) helping to secure local food systems for future generations. With 20 years now under our belt, Hope Seeds continues to reflect these values in the decisions we make as we grow.

     We grow seeds! Our company is farm-based, growing seeds at our home farm in Belleisle and sourcing seeds from other small, sustainable family farms in Eastern Canada. We grow organically, with seven generations in mind. We say “no to GMO” (see the Safe Seed Pledge on our website). We farm our seeds and food in the same fields, we eat what we grow, and our bodies know the impact that quality, local seed has on how we feed ourselves. Each of the farms in our Hope Seeds Grower Network (HSGN) (read about them on page 44) take these values to heart, too.

     This year, we are honouring these stewards by highlighting their seed in our catalogue and pricing. As a local fair trade effort, each of our HSGN seed packets is priced $0.25 above our base packet price of $3.50. That extra quarter will go directly back to the seed farmer, to support them in prioritizing and improving their seed crops. Seeds are important—we need their nutrients, their biodiversity, and the farmers who tend them! Let’s show them we care.

     We grow farmers! Thanks to the generous support of the Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network (ACORN)’s “Grow A Farmer” program and The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security, two of our office staff – Suzana Herceg (Seed Quality and Packing) and Ashlea Hegedus-Viola (Catalogue and Customer Service) – were out in the fields here this summer. Both women participated in seed crop planning, planting, tending, harvesting, cleaning, grading, and touring seed farms. Along with third Hope Seeds staffer Tracey Hatcher (Bean Counter & General Management), the four of us attended the Eastern Canadian Organic Regional Network (ECOSGN) biannual conference in Montreal in November. It was truly a celebration of growth, as I watched these women involve themselves in the workshops and growers-network with a passion I recognized as my own, from all those years ago, when I started out in the seed world.

    We will keep growing . . . thanks to you all!


This year's cover art is by Poppy Balser. The watercolour, titled “Corn $3,” was painted en plein air at the Annapolis Royal Farmers’ and Traders’ Market during the annual Paint the Town weekend in   August 2014. Poppy lives on the shores of the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia and more of her work can be found at http://poppybalser.com


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