Jerusalem artichokes/Sunchokes/Girasol/Sunroot/Helianthus tuberosus

Tuesday Apr 29 2014

What do sugar maples, saskatoon berries, and sunchokes have in common? . . . They all originated in Canada!

The sunchoke or Jerusalem artichoke is a perennial relative of the sunflower -- and has nothing to do with the holy city of Jerusalem. The “Jerusalem" is likely a corruption of the Italian word girasole or sunflower and "artichoke" may be indicative of its similarity in taste to real artichokes, although not everyone would agree. Indigenous people of North America wild-collected and cultivated these tubers extensively and ate them boiled, roasted, or sometimes raw.

Our Jerusalem artichokes are all dug up and ready for shipping. Potato and Jerusalem artichoke shipping will continue this week and next so if you placed an order for one or the other -- or both -- you can expect to find them in the mail soon! (Late April/Early May)




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