2011 Seedy Season is HERE!

Saturday Jan 29 2011
by Andrea


It's been quite the process moving Hope Seeds and all of its bits and bobs from one province to the next.  Let me tell you - I really hope that is the last time I move this whole seedy show!  The balance of stuff is now at the new farm in Belleisle, NS, including all of our 2011 seed selection and catalogues.  The shipping station is ready, and the first bunch of orders have started coming in (and going out).  The move put a few delays and hurdles in my path, but thanks to all of you for your patience. 

I'm sure you won't be disappointed - we have quite the line-up this year.  Many new varieties have entered our offerings, thanks to a good growing season in 2010.  I've made mention of where our seed is coming from, as the list of our local (ie Eastern Canada) growers is expanding.  I am very grateful to these folks for their fine work, and as many people are now questioning how "local" their food is, well...this is how "local" your seed is.

There may be a few glitches still ahead, but I'm sure you'll let me know when you find one.  Please do give me a call or drop an e-mail when you have a chance - it is always great to hear from fellow seedy folks!

   Happy Growing!

   Andrea Berry,
   Hope Seeds Owner & Grower


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